What is Systems?

Which operating system to choose? What server is most suitable for my net? How many devices can I have and how many licenses do I need? Could I centralize everything through a corporative mail such as Exchange? Is it feasible to integrate a service of voice, video and corporative collaboration and could all be integrated to my domain and existing local accounts? Could I have an intelligent management of my WAN, to which add N suppliers and monitor performance, and large data centers but at competitive cost?

These and many others doubts and needs are the ones that Systems will help you to decide or solve. Our technicians who are specialized in each area or solution will lead you through the best practices, and only in this way you will have total peace of mind that your company systems go like clockwork.

Let us help you with the decisions and systems implementation, being able to solve your doubts and needs would be another challenge and a pleasure for us.

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Benefits for your company

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    Implementation of latest generation systems.

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    Following market trends, thereby improving your company.

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    Possibility of integrating messaging, videoconferencing and collaboration unified systems.

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    Security policies for law enforcement and good practices.

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    Working dynamically together with other users and sharing information from anywhere.

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    Improving the efficiency of email storage and bandwidth.

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    You will gain the agility provided by the new technologies in the development of new solutions.

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    You will get most modern solutions close to your technology needs.


1 Because we have the backing of more than 10 years in the IT sector, both on the knowledge of the solutions and on the detection and improvement of the infrastructures.
2 Because we can show you operative demos in our own Data Centre.
3 As Microsoft partners, our analyst technicians work directly with Microsoft engineers.
4 Because we have done successful installations across the globe.
5 Because we can offer you advice for any system implementation project.
6 Because we retrain ourselves at the speed demanded by the market; making all the required labs before going to the client with the solution.

Systems is said…

“Windows 8 is more than a major upgrade to Windows — it’s a technology shift,”

said Steve Kleynhans

“Windows 8 will reach 500 million users in 2013, according to Ballmer”

“1300 million computers worldwide run on Windows”
Steve Ballmer

“Windows Server 2012 will be the most rapidly adopted OS in Microsoft’s history”

“Windows 7 is the best selling operating system of all times” it has 500 million users around the world while adding 7 new licensed copies per second.”