What is Storage?

Since the beginning of time, information has been synonym of power, and the loss of it has meant a disaster. In the information society, this is an unquestionable axiom, in which, from a business point of view, your data is the most valuable asset for your company.

Thanks to Storage, you will have the opportunity to be assisted in the implementation of the best market solutions concerning data centralization. All of this by means of the most effective and fastest technologies and devices available today on the market.

Don’t let that a poor strategy spoils your business, let us show you the way to sleep peacefully, through high availability solutions, data synchronization, data deduplication, intelligent endorsement and many more technologies that may be available to you.

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Benefits for your company

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    Efficient data management.

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    Higher performance for applications with a high level of E/S.

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    Backups optimization through deduplicaton techniques.

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    Necessary minimum of backup time reduction.

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    Improvement of TCO (Total Cost of Ownship).

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    N tolerance to disc physic errors.

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    Integral errors tolerance capacity through high availability.

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    High integration with the existing equipment through high quality manufacturers.


1 Because we have the backing of more than 10 years in the IT sector, both on the knowledge of the solutions and on the detection and improvement of the infrastructures.

2 Because we work with market leader solutions such as EMC2, DELL y HP…

3 Because our analysts are rigorously certified in technologies such as VNXe and VNX of EMC, EqualLogic of Dell or Storage Works with HP and Microsoft.

4 Because we offer you consultancy for the implementation of storage solutions and support.

5 Because all our solutions come from exhaustive analysis labs and tests.

6 Because we invest in the purchasing of test models to make I+D of new solutions.

Storage is said…

“The midrange and high-end modular disk array storage market grew 8.2% from 3Q10 through 2Q11, compared with the same period before.”

 “According to Gartner, currently the global data volume is growing 59% yearly”

“EMEA data center infrastructure has a 19,1% year-on-year growth of 19,1”
Source: Canalys

 “From 2010 to 2014 the 44,800 small datacenters will grow up till 54600!!”
Source: Canalys