What is Security & Networks?

We protect our home with a door, with bars and even an alarm. We protect our family with heating, with airbags and even a dental insurance. And our company´s IT? Is it protected?

Information leaks, unauthorized access, internet use control, spam, backups, viruses, strange software and a long list that is probably growing wile you read this. Security of your company’s IT assets is vital. Therefore, with Security Networks we defend it as it should be. Tooth and nail if necessary.



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Benefits for your company

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    Prevention of external attacks.

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    Protection on your company data.

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    Virus, spyware, malware and other threats inspection, detection and filtering.

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    Control of use and content on internet navigation.

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    Enable teleworking safely and easily using VPN and SSL-VPN connections.

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    Business continuity with high availability.

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    Compliance of applicable regulations of the Data Protection Act (Organic Law on Data Protection).

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    Increase of productivity.

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    Optimization of the internet flow up to 70%.

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    Give priority to the main services of your organization.

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    Adaptable and scalable solutions for any organization.


1 Because we’ve been working over 10 years as Sonicwall Partner, installing security solutions to business organizations.
2 Because we work with market leading brands as SonicWall, Cisco, HP, Bluecoat…
3 Because our analysts are certified in CSSA (Certified SonicWall Security Administrators), CCNA (Cisco Certified Networks Administrator) among others.
4 Because we can manage the complete security of your organization.
5 Because we continually update ourselves with the latest techniques and best practices in the IT security market.
6 Because our solutions come from extensive laboratory analysis and testing.
7 Because we invest about 50% of our profits in R&D.

Security Networks is said…

“The need of securing and adding a preventive measure in IT security is essential; the absence of these measures has caused major business disasters”

“The 93% of businesses that suffer significant data losses go out of business within 5 years”
Office for National Statistics of the U.S.A.

“The 28% of identity theft victims’ can´t reconstruct their identity not even after a year.”
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

Malware disguised in social networking links will be the main threat for data security at present.
Georgia Tech’s Information Security Center Emerging Cyber Threats Report

25% of Internet traffic in an office is not related to work.

Spam, phishing and viruses make company email traffic grow 90% a day.