What is ProAssist?

Most of the people love to look around the solution to our problems when this one tends to be under our nose and we do not realize. With this philosophy in mind, we decided to create ProAssist, the ultimate solution for your company to have an IT Department with an efficiency 100% guaranteed.

It is easy to imagine: solves doubts, settles incidents, works in order to prevent problems and optimize the performance of your IT network and in fact it is in constant training.

It is easy to install: all needed is our company to be in yours.

ProAssist will enable your company to always move forward. As planned. No bad patches. Because whatever may happen, Ingens Networks will be there, inside your company.

Leave technology to us and take care of the rest.



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Benefits for your company

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    Get a strategic allied that ensures your full support.

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    Ensures your company technological life cycles (economy of scale).

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    Bespoke and scalable service. We grow with your company.

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    Dedicated staff with specialized professionals.

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    Outsourced service in order to eliminate infrastructure costs.

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    Portability and internationally.

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    Maximum speed of response.

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    Exclusive management program.

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    Service statistics and graphs.


1 Because Ingens Networks’ staff is dedicated exclusively to your company.

2 Because in case of specialized software, Ingens Networks trains its technicians in order to always offer you the best service based on ITIL v3 best practices

3 Because we have a unique management program developed by Ingens Networks which is in constant evolution, with ITIL v3 new trends, allowing us to have incidents and solutions information centralized and close at hand.

4 Because we created ProAssist to meet your needs. In Ingens Networks we have as ProAssists as clients.

5 Because you always have direct and updated access to all the information.

ProAssist is said…

“In 5 years IT departments will be outsourced in 80% of cases”
Setesca: survey of more than 1000 CEOs and general managers.

“Help desk systems are characterized for being very efficient systems for maintaining customers’ satisfaction and thus encourage their loyalty.”

“Help desk outsourcing services in an offshore location may produce as much as 30 or 40 per cent of costs savings.”
Gartner, Inc.

“Outsourcing Technological services increase exponentially with economic crisis.”