What is Cloud Computing?

For many years now, we have been enjoying the local computing services (LAN), what would happen if we transport the paradigm in order to offer the computing services through Internet, well then, we get the essence of Cloud Computing.

With the initial essence, the idea of such computing resources is that they could be offered as a service, so that you could gain access to them in “the Internet Cloud” without the need of advanced knowledge in order to sustain them.

“Cloud Computing” is a new model of provision of business and technology services, which gives you access to a catalogue of standardized services and helps you to meet the needs of your business in a flexible and adaptive way in the case of unpredictable demands or peak workloads, only paying for the consumption expenditures or the precise design.

And all of this, through a dynamic infrastructure which is characterised by its high automation, fast mobilisation of resources, and high capacity for adaptation to meet changing demands though advanced virtualization.

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Benefits for your company

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    Flexibility and scalability of the necessary resources.

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    Avoid customer software and hardware installations.

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    Possibility of providing services worldwide.

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    CLOUD centralized updates with no impact on customer infrastructures.

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    Effective contribution of the use of energy, with the consequent saving.

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    Integration with local services.

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    Multiplatform access with possible access from all sorts of devices.

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    Ubiquity with all the current mobile devices.

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    Higher productivity because of the centralized management and Cloud platform.


1 Because we have the backing of more than 10 years in the IT sector, both on the knowledge of the solutions and on the detection and improvement of the infrastructures
2 Because we offer you consultancy for the implementation of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models.
3 Because we offer you advice for the resources management in the “Public Cloud”.
4 Because we offer you technological and administrative advice for the creation of “Private Cloud” or “Hybrid Cloud”.
5 Because we work with the best existing resources and tools, leaders on the market.
6 Because we practice what we preach in our own infrastructures.

Cloud Computing is said…

“According to IEEE, it is a paradigm in which the information is permanently stored on Internet servers and sent to customer’s temporary caches, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc…”

“According to NIST, it is defined as a model which provides access to a shared set of configurable computing resources, through the net and as it is required (by demand).